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     Advice for those who are new to Healthcare

     Many people who are new to the medical profession look around and see a plethora of jobs available to them. Yes, healthcare is a vast field with seemingly unlimited jobs, but this healthcare world gets smaller the longer you are in it.

You are well-advised to heed the following:

1. Don't burn bridges.
2. Don't job-hop.
3. Never speak badly about your past jobs.
4. Keep your resume (CV) up to date.
5. As a new grad, don't expect more than you deserve as a new grad.
6. Learn to get along with everyone.
7. Read about the company with whom you interview.
8. Medicine is less forgiving than other walks of life. Work carefully!

Explanation of our advice:

     Burning bridges is when you leave a person or job feeling like they never want to see or hear of you again in this lifetime.

     Job-hopping looks bad on a resume. The only time that you should have less than a year of employment at any job is when you are working temp/locum.

     Talking "smack" about past jobs can bite you down the road. For example, in 10 years, you finally have an interview for a position that you've wished for since you've been in healthcare. You go on the interview only to find that your interviewer is the same person that you bad-mouthed years ago, and he/she knows you did. Kiss that job goodbye!

     Keeping your resume up to date is the best way to remember everywhere you have worked and can save you time when you are back on the job market.

     So now you have a Master's Degree (Congratulations! It is a wonderful accomplishment), but, in your field of study, you are a new grad with no experience working as such. You are still competing with those who also have a Master's but additionally have 5-10 years of experience. You will not command their payscale.

     I am bored with the term "team player", but it is what it is, and most employers insist that you be one. So get along with everyone!

     Never go into an interview without researching your possible future employer. Nothing irritates an interviewer more than when you know nothing about them. It shows a lack of interest on your part.

     Medicine/Healthcare is a wonderful calling, but it's a profession where mistakes can actually cost people their lives. Be careful and detailed.


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